Digitalising Supply Chains

Ambrosus is a complete enterprise solution that combines Blockchain and Internet of Things technology to measure and record information about every corner of your supply chains.

Tech Overview

Tokenising Supply Chains

Turn any entity in your supply chain (item, batch, pallet, truck, etc.) into trusted digital assets that can be tracked, shared, and traded. We fully support most GS1 standards and let us leverage them in smart contracts.

For Apps and Embedded Devices

Our APIs and data models are based on more than 10 years of research and practical experience in the Web of Things and enables any application and device to interact with AMB-NET.

Private and Public Data

Not all data needs to be publicly visible. Some data should never never leave your own data center. Our hybrid solution enables you to finely tune which data is public to anyone or shared only with your most trusted partners and customers.

Core Concepts

Ambrosus provides a holistic and flexible data model that enables the frictionless onboarding of all real-world supply chain entities (product, batch, box), the measurement of their attributes, and the tracking of related logistical events. You can use our API to create unique digital identities for every item you want to track and analyze along the way. This identity and history will be stored permanently and immutably on the Ambrosus blockchain.


A digital identity for any physical or conceptual element in your supply chain. It can be an individual pot of yoghurt; a 6-pack of craft beer bottles; a pallet filled with various cases of medicine; a truck; or a box filled with sensors. Every Asset has a globally unique Ambrosus ID (AMB-ID) that is crypto-secured on AMB-NET’s distributed database. Developers can also use any external identifiers for assets, such as GS1’s GLN, GTIN, SSCC, and others.


Record any relevant and time-stamped information that happened to one or multiple assets. Events should always contain the following information: WHAT (assets concerned), WHERE (location such as lat/long or GLN), WHO (the device/application/user that created the event), WHEN (timestamp), WHY (business process step). Ambrosus events are 100% compatible with GS1’s EPCIS format, allowing you to easily integrate any existing tracking system with Ambrosus.


Every request on Ambrosus, such as creating or reading assets or events, must be cryptographically authenticated. Every application or device talking to Ambrosus needs an account, with corresponding private and public keys to verify their identity. Every request to the Ambrosus network needs to be signed using the private key, which is then matched by AMB-NET to the entity’s public key, in order to be approved by the system.

Key Features

Self-hosted or Cloud

If you are not ready to operate a full Masternode within your infrastructure, you can of course access AMB-NET via any masternode – including our own – through our standard REST APIs.

Secure by Design

We implement industry-leading tradecraft and proprietary expertise in blockchain and cryptographic technologies to ensure the highest level of security and trust. All transactions are immutable and can be audited at the click of a mouse. Ambrosus’ patented in-house technology has raised the bar for enterprise information security.


All the core technology in AMB-NET will ultimately be open-sourced, meaning there’s no vendor lock-in risk. You can customize our nodes to easily integrate your existing IT systems or tools with AMB-NET.


We come from the the developer world and our tools reflect this. We have worked hard to enhance our application flexibility, enabling Ambrosus to rapidly support a broad universe of data and source integrations, while eliminating the typical friction and delays of system onboarding.


We are building a community of developers and contributors from all around the world to accelerate AMB-NET’s evolution. Ambrosus offers a generous reward of Amber (AMB) tokens to our most active participants. Want to build the next-generation of AMB-NET? Drop us a line at [email protected]!


The fuel of the Ambrosus ecosystem is Amber (AMB), a token which serves three purposes.


Amber is used to pay for initiating activity or executing transactions on AMB-NET: Every time someone creates an asset or an event, they must pay a small fee in Amber to the other nodes in the network.

Amber can be locked during the lifetime of an asset. This ensures that the output of every processing step matches the input of that step and reduces the incentive for bad actors to defraud or deceive other counterparties within the supply chain.

Amber serves as collateral required to run a Masternode, where a certain amount needs to be locked into a smart contract for a certain node to to validate transactions on AMB-NET.


Javascript SDK

The Official Ambrosus library for building responsive Web apps.


The Official Ambrosus library for building native iOS applications.

Android SDK

The Official Ambrosus library for building native Android Applications.


Future Food-Tech Summit

 18-19 October 2018  London, UK

Future Food-Tech is an international innovation and investment summit held annually in London, San Francisco and New York. Harnessing technology to address the critical issues facing the world’s food industry, the summit brings together global food-tech brands, investors and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption and commercialisation of new products and solutions. This year’s programme focuses on plant-based and cultured proteins, personalised nutrition, ingredient innovation, gene-editing for health and sustainability, and food waste reduction, featuring 60 game-changing speakers and the most exciting start-ups on the market.

Blockchain Technology Conference

 24 October 2018  Dublin, Ireland

The Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in Dublin using this technology.

Web Summit

 05-08 November 2018  Lisbon, Portugal
Web Summit – “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”. An unrivalled global meeting place for the world’s most disruptive technology companies and those interested in how that disruption can transform their businesses and their lives.

Meetup in Lisbon

 8 November 2018  Lisbon, Portugal


Techstars Startup Week Tallin

 19-23 November 2018  Tallin, Estonia

Techstars Startup Week Tallinn 2018 is a five-day celebration of the entrepreneurial mindset and startup community happening all around the world. On 19–23 November 2018, some of the most successful startups and startup community organisations in Estonia are opening their doors to share their best practices with the whole community.

Open Innovation Forum Food & FMCG Pitching Event

 21 November 2018  Belfast, UK
 The Open Innovation Forum brings together major global players in the Food, Drink and FMCG sectors from across the whole value chain: from ingredients and materials (Cargill and Treatt); through Packaging (Crown and RPC) and Process / Technology ( Domino, Cambridge Consultants, Campden BRI and Siemens); to Brand Owners (Mars, PepsiCo, Heineken, P&G, Pladis Global, Moy Park, LucozadeRibena, Fresca and Samworth) and Retail (Boots-Wallgreens). The Forum has three major purposes: Sharing best practice in Innovation; Exploring major trends and disruptors in the value chain; and Scouting for external solutions to shared Innovation Needs.




 Tallinn, Estonia

Translate complex interactions into simple, elegant and intuitive solutions that keep the end experience for our users at the forefront. From product vision through execution and designs solutions, you will collaborate with our business and technology teams to make it all a reality.



Blockchain Solutions Architect – Blockchain Platform and Distributed Data Storage for Large Scale Food & Pharma Production and Supply Chain Processes. 



Project Manager (Integration of Blockchain into Food Production, Distribution & Quality Assurance Processes). You will be working with the corporate clients/partners of Ambrosus (multi-billion-dollar producers, distributors and/or retailers of food & beverage products) who wish to integrate Ambrosus blockchain-IoT platform into their operations.



Continually developing Ambrosus brand and building increasing awareness in the market place (this role is in general filled by a CMO, but Head of Business will be also a key person in shaping that message)



Your role is to reach out to these companies, present the offering of Ambrosus, discuss the needs of the clients and interface with our product and development teams to run joint pilot projects and/or to integrate Ambrosus blockchain into the operations of those companies, bringing them onboard of Ambrosus. 



You must have substantial experience working across the entire software engineering stack on live production environments. Implementing REST APIs for breakfast, architecting secure and performant applications for lunch, and scaling distributed systems for dinner, your days will be filled with building modern applications that will be powering the most successful enterprises of tomorrow.



Your role with Ambrosus will envisage delivering front-end for mobile and web applications built on top of the AMB-NET and intended to turn raw product quality, assembly-line and logistical data from IoT sensors into actionable and monetisable business intelligence. 



We are looking to hire more technical people – solutions architects, technical product owners, developers, system engineers, and we need a Technical Recruitment Manager onboard to help us proactively seek and find the right candidates, interview them, perform technical due diligence and streamline hiring/onboarding processes in our Dublin office, as well as in our Tallinn office on an ad hoc basis.

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